Busser Job Description & Template

In the food service industry, presentation and cleanliness are crucial to attracting customers. By maintaining a tidy establishment with the help of a busser, your business can bring in more popularity and maintain a positive reputation. Bussers must carry out the necessary job duties and responsibilities and possess the required skills and qualifications to perform in this position effectively. 

Therefore, it is essential to hire the right worker, which begins with using job boards to notify readers about employment opportunities. Utilizing well-written job descriptions is an ideal way to post jobs, as they provide potential applicants with important information about open positions. We have created this busser job description and template to help you develop an effective job description to recruit qualified busser candidates for your business. 

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What Does a Busser Do? 

In the restaurant business, bussers are responsible for maintaining the dining area’s cleanliness and tidiness. Busser job duties generally include setting tables with clean silverware and napkins, refilling refreshments for patrons, clearing plates, and cleaning and sanitizing the environment. 

A cleanly eating area is essential for any hospitality business, so you must hire well-qualified workers to fill your busser positions. The following Job Description template can help you attract the best candidate for this role. The busser job description template may be used as-is to attract candidates to apply for the position, or you may adjust the job description details to fit your company’s priorities.

What to Include in the Busser Job Description

Well-written job descriptions should aim to answer any questions that a reader may have about the job described to feel confident in their decision to apply.  Your audience should be able to determine whether they would be considered a qualified candidate for the job by reading the position description and be enticed by the idea of joining your work team.

Busser Job Overview

The job overview should provide a summarized description of the overall purpose, significance, and function of the offered position. This subsection should contain broad details about the job, the company, the work environment, and the expectations of workers in the busser position. You don’t need to worry about including specifics in this section, as it should only introduce the reader to the role. However, you may include additional relevant details in the following subsections.

Busser Responsibilities

Interested readers should be made aware of the busser duties and busser responsibilities should they be hired in this position. Remember that not all food service jobs have the same responsibilities, and tailor your job summary details to the job for which you are hiring. Unlike the duties listed within in a Waitress Job Description, for example, busser job responsibilities generally focus on tidiness and sanitation. Here you may outline the specific day-to-day tasks and commitments for the job. We suggest you provide this information within this subsection in a bullet point list format, as this is the most efficient way to present these details.

Busser Skills and Qualifications

Provide a list of skills and qualifications for the ideal job candidate in the bulleted format in this subsection. If there are any skills or qualifications required in applicants and not just desired, be sure to include this distinction.

Work Environment

The work environment description should provide details about where the job will take place, what type of establishment the business is, and any other relevant information about the environment in which the work takes place. 

Compensation and Benefits

This subsection is where you will list the information about compensation and benefits. Include any perks that come with the position, such as a free meal for employees each shift or a flexible schedule.

Company Overview

The company overview section is where you will describe your company dynamic to your readers and aim to attract them to the idea of joining your work team. Here you may include relevant history about your company, positive business practices, and information about what qualities make your staff team great. 

Busser Job Description Template

This job description template provided below includes details and information found on a typical restaurant busser job description. Read through the information, and feel free to adjust the details to align with your company’s priorities.

Busser Job Overview

Our restaurant business is looking to hire a new employee to work as a busser. Busser staff members must carry out the primary responsibility of maintaining a clean and well-stocked eating environment. In addition, we expect our bussers to assist the waitstaff and bartenders as needed with sanitation-related job duties. Previous experience is strongly preferred in applicants but is not a necessary qualification. Candidates should demonstrate diligence in maintaining a clean and inviting atmosphere for our guests to enjoy. If you believe you have the skills and capabilities required to perform in this role, please apply.

Busser Responsibilities:

  • Assist servers and food handlers as necessary with cleaning-related duties
  • Refill beverages for customers as needed and assist them with questions to ensure guest satisfaction.
  • Set tables with clean silverware utensils and napkins.
  • Bussing tables and clearing them of dishes and debris. Clean surfaces while following proper sanitation practices.
  • Maintain a tidy dining space clear of trash, dirt, and debris. 

Busser Skills:

  • Ability to carry up to 50 pounds.
  • Ability to balance and carry multiple plates and dishes at once.
  • Must maintain a positive and friendly attitude when interacting with customers.
  • Must be at least 18 years of age. 
  • Excellent teamwork skills and must be comfortable working in a team-service environment.
  • Must be able to spend long periods on your feet.
  • Must have excellent customer service skills and observation skills.
  • Must be able to follow proper sanitation practices.
  • Must be able to clear tables quickly and effectively.

Compensation and Benefits

  • Part-time or full-time hours with competitive wages.
  • Overtime work available.
  • 401(k) savings plan.
  • This entry-level position provides training for the busser’s role and additional team advancement opportunities for higher-up restaurant positions. 
  • Paid sick leave and paid personal/vacation leave.
  • Paid family and medical leave are available after one year of service.
  • Medical insurance, dental insurance, vision insurance, and supplemental life insurance are available for full-time employees.
  • Flexible work schedules
  • One free employee meal per shift worked (from a limited menu), and employee discounts for products (from our full menu) 

Recruiting for Bussers?

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