15 Best Part-Time Jobs to Increase Your Income

If you would like a way to gain supplemental income without working full-time hours, look no further. Here we will be exploring 15 of the best part-time jobs for you to use your skills and qualifications to make real money. Whether you have certifications and experience or are starting fresh, the jobs listed in this article demonstrate how anyone can bring in extra cash with a part-time gig.

The Top Part-Time Jobs to Make More Money

Part-time work can be great for students, caretakers, or just busy individuals with not enough time to dedicate to a full-time position. By considering your interest, availability, and skillset, you can determine which part-time position you would like to pursue. To help you with this, we have provided a list of some of the best part-time jobs and their average national hourly wages according to data collected by Ziprecruiter.com. So keep reading to learn more about these money-making options and see whether these professions could be right for you!

1. Private Tutor

Average Pay: $21.53 Per Hour

If you possess a unique skill set that people want to learn, you could teach this as a service. Private tutors can make their rates depending on what they teach, their tutoring experience, and their level of expertise. Common skills taught by private tutors include arts, musical instruments, school subjects, and more. This can also be a great part-time job for teachers looking to raise their income. If you think you have what it takes to teach a skill and charge for it, you can join a teaching program as a paid tutor or advertise your services on relevant job boards for your community as a freelancer.

2. Real Estate Agent

Average Pay: 39.85 Per Hour

A real estate agent position is one of the best paid part-time. Real estate agents organize real estate transactions between property owners and buyers/renters. Part-time real estate agents usually work as independent contractors for brokers and must have a real estate license registered through the state. The process of gaining this license can vary by state but can usually be done online. From then, you can find a brokerage to work with and begin your part-time career. The pay that you receive as a real estate agent may range, as it will depend on the commissions you earn. But this means that the earning potential is virtually unlimited if you work hard and find success in this role.

3. Massage Therapist

Average Pay: $26.45 Per Hour

Massage therapists usually work full time but finding a part-time position is possible to make extra money on the side. This is an excellent job for people who enjoy helping others.  To qualify for this position, you need to have a massage therapy education and possess the requirements necessary for your state, including a minimum number of hours of hands-on massage experience through an internship or massage clinic. Once you have the requirements, you can pass the license examination and apply for a state license. Massage therapists can find work in many settings like spas, gyms, nursing homes, chiropractic offices, and more. 

4. Computer Programmer

Average Pay: $31.32

Computer programmers can work part-time and are typically responsible for writing code for computer software. This job is excellent for those with computer programming skills and can provide high and competitive wages as these positions are in high demand. Computer programmer positions typically require bachelor’s degrees in computer and information technology or a related field and a strong understanding of software engineering. For those who possess this sought-after skillset, reaching out to tech companies for part-time jobs or advertising your talents as a freelancer can be a great idea. The position may also be performed remotely, making it one of the best part-time jobs from home.

5. Translator

Average Pay: $28.90

If you can speak more than one language, you could be sitting on a tremendous part-time money-making skill. Translators read through or listen to materials in one language and convert that into a second language. Translators can translate media into subtitles, translate texts or written works, or translate language in person. While a bachelor’s degree is sometimes required for this role, fluency in at least one other language is always necessary. Translators are needed for business, government, healthcare, and many other labor fields. Translators may also work through freelancing. For people who speak multiple languages, this could be an easy and interesting job.

6. Part-Time Dental Hygienist

Average Pay: $36.27 Per Hour

Dental hygienists work under the supervision of dentists to perform teeth cleanings and oral health care to patients. Their job may require significant responsibilities such as taking x-rays and administering local anesthetics, so proper training is essential. To become a dental hygienist, you must hold an associate or bachelor’s degree in the field and pass the required board exams to have a state-issued license. While this may not be the simplest position to obtain, it usually provides competitive wages, and it is easy to transform this profession into a lucrative full-time career.

7. Part-Time Accountant

Average Pay: $23.28 Per Hour

All types of organizations need accountants to prepare and maintain their financial documents. To find work, you can advertise your budgeting skills as a freelancer or search through job boards for open positions. To be hired as an accountant, many places require that you have a license, so you must obtain your state’s license requirements, including passing the certification exam. Accountant positions that do not require a license exist, but most positions with higher wages do. A perk to this job is that it can be done remotely if allowed by your employer or if you choose to work as a freelancer, allowing you to choose your hours.


8. Part-Time Administrative Assistant

Average Pay: $15.23 Per Hour

Administrative assistants usually perform clerical tasks, such as scheduling events, taking calls and messages, sending emails, taking notes, organizing files, budgeting for work expenditures, and preparing for work gatherings. Individuals in this position need to have great organizational skills and time management. Employers may require certain qualifications like a high school diploma or GED equivalents, previous experience, or computer skills. Administrative assistants can even find online part-time jobs. Both remote and on-location administrative assistant job opportunities can be accessed through job boards.

9. Part-Time Nail Technician

Average Pay: $16.93 Per Hour

Nail technicians use their creativity and skills to provide nail art for their clients. Nail technicians need to have good design and communication skills to give their clients the service they desire. Nail technicians typically need to be at least 17, have completed 9th grade or obtained a GED, and have completed at least 250 hours of cosmetology school training or eight months of a registered apprenticeship at a licensed salon. This can be an excellent job for qualified individuals with the time and interest to pursue the artistic role, and jobs can exist in many settings like spas, salons, airports, and cruise ships.

10. Truck Driver

Average Pay: $24.48 Per Hour

A part-time job requiring travel is a truck driver position. Truck drivers need to be over 21 years of age or 18 if they stay in-state, and most employers require a high school diploma or equivalent. They also must obtain a Commercial Driver’s License, meet record and physical requirements, and be qualified to operate the necessary type of vehicle for their job. Truck driving courses are available for those who wish to gain training on the role. Some positions may require additional certifications, like HAZMAT endorsements. Wages can increase with experience, and there are many job boards online for finding open positions.

11. Food Delivery Driver

Average Pay: $17.26 Per Hour

Food delivery drivers also transport goods on a more local scale. These workers deliver food products from a business establishment to the customers who ordered them and can receive tips.  Delivery drivers may be hired by the business selling the product or through third-party delivery companies. Third-party food delivery companies like UberEats, GrubHub, and Postmates are popular services and easy to apply to online. While a regular driver’s license may be a requirement for some positions, others may allow delivery on a bike, though this is less common.

12. Restaurant Server

Average Pay: $19.68 Per Hour

If jobs requiring previously achieved skills, licenses, or certifications aren’t your thing, some positions like restaurant servers can receive their training on the clock. For servers, this may involve new trainees “shadowing” other servers during their shifts so that they can experience a typical day on the job. While having restaurant server experience is helpful to landing this role, everybody’s got to start somewhere, and many restaurants promote open positions online. This can be a great starting job for looking for a weekend part-time job. Tips are also a significant part of this customer service position, and depending on the time and popularity of your shift, you could bring home a decent amount of money. 

13. Bartender

Average Pay: $11.12 Per Hour

Also, relating to hospitality trends and the food (and beverage) service industry is the role of bartender. Bartenders take orders and concoct and serve alcoholic beverages to patrons. Bartenders must be of the legal drinking age set where they are performing and have excellent communication skills to serve customers. While completing bartending courses can help with getting hired, not all establishments require this. Many employers pay attention to the previous experience and job references for this role rather than bartender certifications. And similarly, to restaurant servers, bartenders can receive generous tips on the job.

14. Nanny

Average Pay: $11.08 Per Hour to $19.71 Per Hour

If you want to find a more local position without many requirements, never fear. Nannies provide help to children in need of care and tired parents in need of breaks. However, nannying jobs may require a high school diploma or equivalent, professional childcare experience, or childcare certifications. While possessing these may help you land or negotiate a higher wage, freelance babysitting can be possible for anyone with the experience and childcare skills necessary to perform the job. 

15. Pet Sitter

Average Pay: $12.11 Per Hour

Similar to nannying jobs, pet sitters provide care, but under different circumstances. Pet sitters are responsible for ensuring that pets’ food, water, restroom abilities, and positive human interaction while their owners are away. This position usually has more scheduling flexibility making it a great part-time job for students. Like nannies, pet sitters can gain job opportunities through referrals and word of mouth. This can be a great job for people with less time to commit to their part-time positions.

Need Help Finding a Part-Time Job? We’re Here to Help!

Finding lucrative part-time positions is possible for anyone. By considering the qualifications and the effort you are willing to dedicate to these jobs, you can determine which profession would be best for you and start making extra money in your spare time.

It is possible to find part-time positions relating to your skillsets through references, job boards, and online research. But if you’d like professional assistance with finding part-time jobs that pay well, Adia can help. Adia is a staffing agency that helps workers find well-paying jobs with schedules that work for them. For more information on how you can get hired with Adia, visit here

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