Assembler Job Description and Template

Regardless of the field or industry, it is common knowledge that without assembly workers, manufacturing and the supply chain as a whole couldn’t function. Their roles are essential, and finding the right candidates while preventing turnover is crucial.  

With thousands of people applying for entry level general and production assembler jobs, a detailed and straightforward job description – clearly explaining responsibilities, expectations, and requirements – will go a long way.  

Like you, Adia understands the value of hiring qualified candidates for this role, so we’re providing you an easy to follow assembler job description template that you can use to help find your best fit.

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Assembler Job Title

The first step: provide a job title that contains general search terms, including the experience level you’re hiring for. As we know, this role can range from entry-level to Senior, Electromechanical, or Machine assemblers. For this example, we’ll be showcasing a template geared towards an entry-level position.

Including the required experience level helps candidates who are scrolling through platforms like Indeed or Glassdoor know which job posts are worth clicking. Keep the title brief and avoid acronyms or internal jargon that candidates may not be familiar with. 

Next, time to share exactly what they’ll be doing in this position. 

What Does an Assembler Do? 

Provide a general description of what an assembler does for your company. A brief overview of assembler duties and responsibilities helps someone quickly know if they’re experienced enough for the job and if they should/shouldn’t continue reading your post. 

Follow the example below for your own assembly worker job description: 

Assembler Job Description Example

As our company continues to grow, we need more hands on deck to keep our facility operating at top speed. We’re looking for entry-level assemblers for a temp-to-hire position. 

Your responsibilities include reviewing and adhering to blueprints and instructions as you position parts manually or with machinery and basic hand tools. You’re expected to pay attention to detail and measurements, inspect final products for quality, and overall ensure manufacturing lines can continue running efficiently. 

Assembler Duties and Responsibilities

We recommend using a short bulleted list when outlining the general responsibilities one should expect to perform on a daily basis. For this entry-level example, the duties and responsibilities are vague. For your own assembler job description, feel free to make them more specifically tailored to your business’s products.  

  • Sort and count products before packaging 
  • Review products for quality control and to ensure they meet expectations 
  • Disassemble, modify, and reassemble products 
  • Examine connections for correct fit of parts and subassemblies 
  • Maintain a safe and clean environment, comply with safety regulations
  • Troubleshoot malfunctions, alert supervisors if repairs are needed 
  • Maintain inventory, expedite supply orders when inventory levels are low
  • Minimize waste by conserving materials and resources 
  • Ability to handle fragile materials 
  • Communicate clearly and efficiently with your supervisors and teammates 

Assembler Skills and Qualifications

Don’t be afraid to clearly outline any required skills or qualifications you expect from someone on the job. Be very transparent about physical demands, especially for assembly workers. If there are language, educational, or legal requirements, include them here. Lastly, list any behavioral expectations here. Make it known that they’re expected to be a team player or take direction from supervisors well. 

  • High school diploma/GED 
  • 1-2 years of experience or specialized training in general assembly 
  • Ability to pass a drug test and background check 
  • Ability to read, write, and understand English 
  • Comfortable standing for long periods of time 
  • Ability to lift up to 50 pounds 
  • Skilled in operating hand and power tools 
  • Strong attention to detail, may work on assignments that are routine in nature
  • Respectfully take direction from supervisors, overall positive attitude 
  • Follow standard practices and procedures when directed
  • Reliable and prompt in attendance 
  • Productive in fast-paced environments 
  • Available to work overtime when needed, may be asked to work holidays or weekends

Assembler Job Work Hours and Benefits

 In this section, you will want to mention the employee salary, benefits, opportunities for overtime, and paid time off (PTO). Help build rapport and enthusiasm for the position by using a comparable methodology behind determining these things, such as a salary tool or local demographic information. Include what the hours of the shift are, and if these hours are subject to change.

Ready to Hire an Assembler For Your Company?

As previously mentioned, feel free to use the template above as a plug-and-play for your own assembler job description. If you want to save time and resources, consider transitioning away from internal hiring or a temp agency to Adia’s on-demand platform for your manufacturing staffing

With our platform, you never have to weed through hundreds of over/under qualified candidates to find the best match. Our algorithm does that for you.

Make Hiring Easier With Adia 

With the Adia platform, you simply log in, input the role and experience level of workers needed, along with the shift details and duration, and we match your job to pre-vetted, qualified workers in seconds. Literally, seconds. Only workers that meet all requirements match to the job, and they can book it instantly. 

Any worker that shows up to your job is a W-2 employee of ours, meaning we handle the payroll, benefits, taxes, and risk. You choose your own bill rate, and you never pay unless the job is done right. Hiring assembly workers has never been quicker and easier. 

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