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About Adia

We built the smartest collection of apps that bring job seekers and businesses together. From giving people access to more flexible work, to helping companies grow and stabilize their day-to-day operations, we’re creating a better way of working in today’s on-demand world. 

We believe:

That it all adds up. Hours of shifts here and there build up a person’s work experience and bank balance. And it’s our job to find, fill, and count those hours, so they can build a valuable work history in the long run. 

That businesses can build an A-team, whether the workforce is permanent, temporary, or simply there for a shift or two. We’re giving businesses the tools they need to build relationships with the workers that are vital to their everyday operations. 

That we exist to empower people and businesses, so that both can immediately thrive. 

Launched in Switzerland back in October 2016, Adia opened an office in Austin in early 2018. Today our workers are in Austin, Houston, Dallas, Phoenix, Seattle, and San Jose. Tomorrow? Look out for us in your city!

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Our Team

We are resilient and unafraid. 
Adia US Headquarters:

Austin, TX

We also have an office in: