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When You Staff On-Demand with Adia, You’re in Good Company

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Our staffing solution is on-demand, meaning that we make it easy to locate the worker you need when you need them. In addition, our intuitive platform can match you with workers of various industries who are ready and motivated to support your business.


At Adia, we know hiring and getting hired aren’t always straightforward processes. That’s why we can help you find labor on demand to fill your temporary or flexible labor gigs.


Adia’s intuitive platform takes the stress out of agency onboarding. We handle the talent vetting and staffing paperwork within our system, making finding the best worker for your job easy.

How On-Demand Staffing Works

Using Adia’s on-demand staffing solution, business employers can locate the right workers for their open positions from a wide range of qualified professionals. Partnering with our on-demand solution means prioritizing your business’ needs by allowing you to employ the right talent at the right time.

And with everything occurring easily in Adia’s innovative and streamlined system, you can skip the hassle of traditional onboarding processes and instead focus on managing your workforce and getting the job done.

Adia Staffing Step 1

Create a booking

First, create a booking online that appropriately describes the position and job duties you need to fill.

Adia Staffing Step 2

Book jobs

You can hire on-demand employees for your position and manage their onboarding online with the Adia platform.

Adia Staffing Step 3

Get the job done

Scheduling and other staffing processes are easily managed within the Adia platform system.

Adia Staffing Step 4

Rate your experience

After your staff member has completed their job, you can rate them in the Adia position based on their work performance.

As a Worker, Gain Access to Unlimited Jobs

Adia is a beneficial staffing solution for both employers and workers looking to fill open roles. By joining the Adia platform as a job seeker, you will gain access to unlimited jobs opportunities and open positions. We provide our talented users with job options in various workforce areas like the hospitality industry, manufacturing, warehouses, retail, construction, and more. 

In addition, our wide range of open positions can enable you to find available on-demand jobs that match your work experience and qualifications. Searching for gigs is straightforward with our system, and workers can easily view open jobs hiring within their area by adjusting the platform search location. 

And if you’re looking for a position that can work with your schedule, Adia can help. 

Similar to a temp agency, our platform contains job opportunities from employers hiring for temporary and long-term positions. With access to Adia’s wide range of unlimited open positions, it’s easy to find a flexible job that works for you.

Where other staffing agencies can make locating jobs difficult and time-consuming, Adia is different. 

No longer will you have to bend over backward to find an open role that matches your qualifications or endure long periods of time without work between temporary positions. Our intuitive online platform and on-demand staffing app let workers and employers easily locate relevant employment opportunities and gain the information that they need in just a few simple clicks. Onboarding processes are made straightforward and stress-free by occurring within our system so that you can start working and making money in no time. 

So say goodbye to time-wasting job boards, skip the hassle of applying through traditional agency staffing, and try Adia’s intuitive staffing platform instead. Adia is dedicated to facilitating the best talent matches for our users, employers, and workers alike.

Labor On-Demand in These Industries

Users across the nation trust Adia to help them make employment connections for roles in construction, warehouse, special event staffing, and other industries. In fact, Adia provides quick and simple staffing solutions for all sorts of employment opportunities. 

Whether you are an employer looking for supply chain workers to work for your construction company, logistics professionals to support your organization, or retail employees to drive sales for your business, we’ve got you covered for that and more. At Adia, we know a company is only as good as its workforce, which is why we connect our employers with pre-vetted, reliable professionals who are dedicated to getting the job done. 

Our platform has 10x the worker pool of a traditional staffing agency, with talented workers available for short or long-term positions. Through our vetting system and background checks, we provide a robust and diverse workforce of candidates that are W-2 employees of Adia and are eligible to satisfy roles in various industries. 

In addition, at Adia, we maintain the professionalism and quality of the talent that we provide by allowing employers to leave reviews on their experience with the workers they have hired. This way, you can have all the information necessary to feel confident when sourcing the best talent for your open position in your industry.

Ready to get to work?

Partnering with Adia is the straightforward solution for employers looking to source talent and workers looking to get hired. With our on-demand staffing platform, users of virtually all industries can gain more control over their hiring process, allowing them to locate and facilitate the opportunities they need when they need them.

Adia provides a quick and easy way for employers to match with qualified job seekers and facilitates mutually beneficial working relationships. So join our users nationwide who rely on Adia’s on-demand staffing solution to help them make connections for employment opportunities.

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