We Asked Gig Workers About Themselves and What They Said Will Surprise You

There are a lot of misconceptions about who exactly is a gig worker. We see a lot of stock photos of some bike messenger looking fresh while they pedal along a busy street or a bunch of Millennials smiling in a car as a driver cruises to an unknown destination thanks to her rideshare app. But are those people the center of the economy? 

Who is the “average” gig worker? Do they fit into the preconceived box? Absolutely not. You’d be surprised who’s out there hustling. We wanted to know who was using Adia, who the gig economy worker is, what they’re looking for, what they ultimately want – so, we asked.

We asked the Adia Community about who they were and here’s what they said:

A lot of folks want extra cash to help pay for that vacation to Disney World or to remodel the house. A lot of them aren’t in their 20s, nor are they just one particular type of person. 

We see numbers diversify – a lot of respondents were from a broader range of demographics rather than one static kind of person. Which is incredible, everyone should take advantage of the chance to make some side hustle money. 

Here are some of the other exciting things we dug up about the makeup of the gig worker:

  • 94% of gig workers are under the age of 50
  • They’re supplementing existing income, 47% of workers have an annual household income of greater than $75K
  • Gig economy workers are more likely to be male (63%)
  • They’re not single: only 32% of workers are not married, while 66% have kids, and 46% have 2+
  • 43% of gig workers surveyed have a graduate degree, and 64% have a college degree

What does the gig worker want?

  • 28% have been picking up gigs for more than a year, but the majority are new to the gig scene (57% less than 6 months, while 10% less than a month)
  • 66% work less than 20 hours per week, and 85% work less than 30 hours per week


  • 58% have a full-time job but pick up gigs 
  • 13% have part-time but pick up gigs
  • 21% use gigs as their primary form of work

The number one reason workers love the gig economy? To earn extra income. 

So, there you have it. The gig economy is evolving every day, and the more we embrace technology, the more interesting the results will continue to be. We’re excited to see what the future holds.

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